Connect Groups


Connect Groups

A Connect/Group consists of 8-12 people who meet weekly in a home or another comfortable location to connect to each other, connect to God and connect with the world. When you join a small group you can expect deep, God-centered relationships that have the potential to impact the globe. Consider living life connected. 
Connect Groups are driven by the three petitions of Christ to His father for future believers, namely us. In John 17:20-21 Jesus asks the Father that: all believers be connected to each other as one, all believers be connected to Christ and the Father, that all believers be connected to the world.
Connect Groups are dedicated to getting back to the heart of the church found in Acts 2. We want the people of FBC deeply connected and living in community.
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What do Connect Groups do?
  • They meet together for 1-2 hours per week for an 18-24 month period.
    • Share Food
    • Laugh together
    • Study
    • Pray for each other
    • Pray for an unreached people group
  • They do missions together
    • They serve in their church
    • They serve locally
    • They serve globally
  • They Divide to Multiply
    • Groups exist to make more groups for more people
What will Connect Groups teach?
  • Every group starts with Andy Stanley’s study called “Community
  • RightNow Media
    • RightNow is a web based app that can be accessed on a television with a Roku stick (provided by the church). There are a variety of small-group video based studies.
    • Your group can choose any of the studies listed under small groups materials.
Are Connect Groups open or closed?
  • Connect/Groups will be closed.
    • Closed groups – Begin with a set number of people from day 1, members get an “ok” from the group before inviting a friend, no one else adds people to the group, the group is basically “closed”.
    • By not allowing group members to bring a friend to every meeting, the group will grow closer, and the group will stay small. However, if there is a great need to invite an interested person, there is room for that.
    • Connect/Groups will host invite nights to reach out to friends or neighbors. An example would be a barbecue or a football game.