Youth Camp – 6th through 12th Grade

Tuesday, June 18 – Saturday, June 22

 Deadline to register and make final payments is May 27.


Centrifuge Track Time Options

Creative Arts

Topics include the areas of music, art, stage and media. Those listed as performance tracks will be on stage at some point during the Track Time Showcase.


Creative Movement – Participants will learn a creative movement set to a contemporary Christian song and be provided resources for how to start creative movement ministry at home.

Drama – Participants will learn the basics of drama, improvisation, mime, etc. Students will rehearse a drama to be performed in closing celebration and be provided with resources for how to begin a drama ministry at home.

Percussion – Students will learn how to read rhythm charts and will practice patterns and rhythm. Using trash cans, buckets, and other “found” percussion instruments, students will perform a “Stomp” style piece during closing celebration. Beginners and experienced drummers are welcome.


Crafts – Students will work on a specific craft project throughout the week, such as bead bracelets, t-shirt art, tile mosaics, paper making, candle making, etc.

Creative Painting – Students will use the medium of painting to express themselves creatively. They will paint on canvas. Paintings will be sold at the end of the week for missions.

Guitar – This class is strictly for beginners and is not a performance track! If you know more than three chords, you are not a beginner. Students will learn strum patterns and basic chords.


These tracks are recreation/sports based.

Basketball – Students will learn basic skills and play basketball.

Battleball – Students will learn and play several variations of Battleball (Dodgeball).

Flag Football – Students will play flag football.

Frisbee Games – Students will play ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf and other games with discs.

Outdoor Games – Students will play gagaball, spikeball and other outdoor games such as kickball, etc.

Soccer – Students will learn soccer basic skills and play soccer.

Table Games – Students will have the opportunity to play a variety of fun board and card games including checkers, dominoes, UNO, Monopoly and many others.

Volleyball – Students will learn basic volleyball skills and play volleyball.


These tracks are designed to assist in disciplining campers in their Christian walk and helping them live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Apologetics – This track will provide students with proof of and a defense for Christianity.

Christian Leadership –This track will look at key leadership characteristics and the role of the servant leader in today’s world.

For Girls Only – This track will teach Biblical principles for living a godly life, help to build a healthy self-esteem and self-image, provide proper perspective and knowledge about health and the body and discover biblical dating principles.

How to Grow in Your Faith – This track will provide an opportunity for students to get to know God on a deeper level by strengthening their discipleship through such disciplines as worship, solitude, prayer, fasting, service, study and more.

Lifestyle Evangelism – Students will discover how to live their lives in such a way to lead others to Christ.

Missions – This track is designed to educate campers about missions and mission opportunities as well as provide hands-on ministry in the local community.

Spiritual Gifts – This track is designed for campers to learn about spiritual gifts and discover their individual gifts by completing a spiritual gifts survey.

The Man Track – This track will explore what it means to be a godly man, how to be involved in healthy relationships with the opposite sex and within the family, and life skills such as independence, decision making, integrity, team player and excellence.


These tracks are specific to Glorieta Conference Center.

Adventure Blue – Students will experience fly lines, climbing groto, and the foam pit.

Adventure Green – Students will experience drift trikes, terrain park, and the bag jump.

Adventure Orange – Students will experience slingshot paintball, archery tag, and gaga ball.

Adventure Red – Students will experience the super-swing, crate stacking, and rappelling.

Adventure Yellow – Students will experience the mud pit and the waterfront.

Backpacking – This track will teach basic skills and equipment use for backpacking. Campers will experience an overnight backpacking trip.

Hiking – Students will hike on trails around campus.

Miniature Golf – Students will play miniature golf on the campus course. All equipment will be provided.


Track Time Selection Card

Name: _________________________________________ Gender: ____________

Grade Completed: ___________

List 6 track times (not in order of 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc. but 6 choices in which you would like to participate):

1) ___________________________ 2) ___________________________

3) ___________________________ 4) ___________________________

5) ___________________________ 6) ___________________________

Special Considerations / Medical Notes: ___________________________


Also, there are some other events that are happening during the week your student may want to participate in. These events are called “Night Life” you can find more info below on what this is and how to participate in them.


Night Life


A mysterious “Amazing Race” type experience where students race the clock to “decode” the secret messages of East Asian influence. Using smartphone technology, Instagram and their Bible app, students will try to be the first to crack the code before time ends. Dress in dark clothing and wear spy gear.


A contemplative prayer experience where students pray for the nations while traveling to 6 different stations on campus by their decisions. Eventually, they will come to the decision point: In what way will I help further the message of Jesus Christ? Or will I not?


Get your game faces on and come ready to compete for the FUGE Cup! This year’s Mega Relay theme is “WHITE OUT.” If you choose to participate in the WHITE OUT, please have students wear dark shirts underneath their white apparel.


Facility Info

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