Public Worship Ready to get back to Church? Join Us On Campus This Sunday! All four services are back. Reopening Guidelines Here

Regarding the COVID-19 Situation

Resuming Worship Services

Update on opening Childcare
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Reopening Guidelines

FBC will use the following guidelines in reopening for public worship. As time progresses these guidelines may change.  

FBC does not want anyone to feel uncomfortable while in our facility, nor do we want anyone to feel pressured to attend.

If you fall into one of the following groups of people you may want to consider NOT attending worship at FBC at this time:

If you are elderly.

If you have any health issues that make you a high risk for contracting a virus of any type.

If you are uncomfortable with the possibility of encountering people in a social setting.

If you believe the following guidelines are not satisfactory.

Upon Arrival

Our worship services begin at 8.30 (traditional), 9.45, 11.00 and 12.15.

Doors to the building will open ten minutes before worship. Unless you are a volunteer serving in some capacity, please do not arrive at the doors earlier.

Please enter the building through the North (Main) doors.

Please exit the building through either the East (patio) or West (children’s) doors.

Doors to the Worship Center will open five minutes before service.

Please exit the Worship Center and the Commons at the end of the service. We need to sanitize all areas before we can let the next service enter.

Please consider wearing face coverings when entering and exiting the building.

During Worship

Currently, in each seating section, rows are six feet apart.

Please sit as families. If you are comfortable you may sit with close friends.

Please have at least two chairs between family/friend groups.

We understand it is difficult to worship with face coverings. You must use your discretion whether or not you will wear face coverings during the worship service.  

We will not have offering envelopes or connect cards in the seat pockets. Envelopes are available at the silver tables in the Commons upon arrival. Connect cards are at the Welcome Center.

We will not pass offering baskets. You may place any offerings you have in the brown collection boxes located in the foyer (area between the double sets of doors in the Worship Center) or in the Commons. Volunteers and staff members will help you locate them if you need assistance.

During the invitation after the message we ask that you not come to the front of the Worship Center near the stage to talk to a Pastor. After the service you can go to the Conference Room to talk to a Pastor or Counselor. We will share where this area is during the service. At this time and location, you may express a desire to join the church as well.

General Guidelines

Restrooms are open; however, we ask that you and your children use them before you enter the Worship Center or upon leaving. Please do not exit and reenter the Worship Center during worship.

Hand sanitizer is available outside and inside the building.

We will sanitize the Worship Center, the Commons and other areas before and after services.

At this time, we are not providing coffee or opening the CafĂ©. Water fountains are not usable. We will provide bottled water if you need it.

Volunteers will wear face coverings while interacting with the public.

Please do not do anything to make another person uncomfortable with social interaction. If you plan to visit or socialize, please do so outside of the building.

The offices, Upstreet and Waumba Land are not open. Childcare is not provided at this time. Our target date for Youth, Children and Preschool ministries (Sunday only) reopening is July 5.

No one wants these guidelines. We wish we could immediately go back to the way things were. In time, we will. 

It is our plan that these guidelines last only as long as necessary. We will modify, adjust and remove them as circumstances allow.