Are you looking to get involved in your church?

Here are some areas that need you!

Serve Baptism
Serve Choir
Serve Creative Team
Serve Facilities
Serve Invitation and Counseling
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Serve Parking
Serve Setup
Serve Sunday School
Serve Tech Team
Serve Welcome Team


Awana reaches “kids with the gospel and leads them to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.” Clubs for Pre-K – 5th grade meet Wednesday evenings. This ministry serves families who attend the mid-week teaching series and disciples children. Helpers are needed in games, welcoming, opening, teaching, and relationship-building combined with verse memorization.


This team will be responsible for the set up, tear down and filming of our baptism services. This will include moving, filling and draining our portable baptismal. They will also assist candidates in baptism preparation.


Sing praises to the Lord. Lend your voice to the choir in the traditional service on Sunday mornings.


This is where we are driving new comers. We want them involved in deep Christian community. The best place to find that as we move forward is through a Connect/Group. This team will lead, enlist, train, facilitate and help with our larger connect events.

Creative Team

This team will create sermon series bumpers and stage props to enhance the monthly series. They also create the weekly announcements and other videos. Roles on this team include pic and video shooting and editing.


This team will walk the grounds and the entire indoor facility at least once per week. They will be responsible for seeing potential hazards and problems before anyone else. The facilities team will be responsible for generic maintenance of the facility, such as replacing light bulbs, cleaning messes, fixing loose door knobs, etc.

Invitation and Counseling – Adults only

This team is responsible for receiving and counseling people who respond to the message at the invitation time. They must know how to pray, share the gospel, help people fill out the response card and to a certain extent give counsel to those who need prayer or want to join the church list of the best online paying online casinos.





This team is a guest´s first point of contact with our church. They will direct guests to the appropriate parking spaces in relation to their needs. They will welcome everyone and assist those in need. We want our parking experience to be second to none.


This team will oversee the setup of the Sonoma Campus. They will be responsible for the setup and teardown of any and all spaces for the next event hosted in that space. This team must be on top of their game and meticulous, as the experience of our guests relates directly to their comfort.

Social Media

This team posts eye-catching posts on all of our social media sites. They will use creativity to reach out to our community and let them know what is happening in our church and encourage them in their daily lives and make posts by what is communicated to them by the staff.

Sunday School

This team will teach adult classes Sunday mornings.

Tech (AVL) – Adults only

This team will work alongside the Lead worship pastor and his team. They create a worship environment that is comfortable, inviting and visually stunning. The lights and sound will function together to create an atmosphere, remove distraction and focus attention where it needs to be. They will support everything that happens on stage. This involves several areas: audio, visual, lighting, filming, live-streaming and staging.

UpStreet (Children) – 16+

Our Kindergarten through 5th-grade ministry. This ministry is crucial to attracting and keeping new families. Roles within this ministry include teaching, welcoming, check in and an opening team.


Greet and help seat guests and members. This team will also collect the offering in each service.

Waumba Land (Preschool) – 16+

Our birth through pre-K ministry. This ministry is crucial to attracting new families to our church. Roles in which to serve within Waumba Land include teaching, welcoming, child care, and check in.

Welcome Team

This team realizes that every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday with us. They will make sure that a guest’s experience at FBC is positive. They will be posted at our doors, in our hallways, at our welcome center, at the cafe and inside our auditorium.