Life Is Better Connected

Connect Groups

A Connect/Group consists of 8-12 people who meet weekly in a home or another comfortable location to connect to each other, connect to God and connect with the world. When you join a small group you can expect deep, God-centered relationships that have the potential to impact the globe.

In John 17:20-21 Jesus asks the Father that: all believers be connected to each other as one, all believers be connected to Christ and the Father, that all believers be connected to the world.

Consider living life connected.


Anchor is about community for college students and young adults who want to follow Jesus passionately and connect to the local church. Join us for regular activities, sports, games, movies, concerts and more!  

Anchor Worship Gatherings take place at the Spiritual Center on Campus at NMSU each Sundays, starting at 5:30.

Senior Group Ministries

This thriving group is for those 50 and over. Senior Group has regular activities that are designed to build community with passionate, lifelong followers of Christ. Join us for games, luncheons, concerts, day & extended trips and more! 

Check the calendar for scheduled events!

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